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What is Sticker Stag's commitment to color quality?
At Sticker Stag, we are dedicated to delivering consistent color quality for all your orders, ensuring the accuracy and vibrancy of your prints.

How does Sticker Stag maintain color accuracy?
We conduct print head color calibration tests to fine-tune our equipment and materials, ensuring precise and consistent color output, even in rare cases of color adjustments.

What should I expect if there is a color adjustment in my prints?
Any color shifts due to calibration are minimal and well-controlled. It's entirely normal and part of our commitment to top-notch print quality.

How does Sticker Stag ensure product quality?
Our team conducts meticulous quality control to scrutinize each sticker and print, ensuring they meet the highest standards.

What if there are imperfections in my order?
In rare cases of imperfections, we often include extra stickers in your order to ensure your satisfaction.

How does Sticker Stag exceed customer expectations?
We go the extra mile by providing more stickers than you've ordered, ensuring a complete and satisfying order.

Is my satisfaction guaranteed with Sticker Stag's printing services?
Absolutely! Your satisfaction with our printing services is our top priority, and we take every measure to provide you with exceptional results.

Convention Events and Order Placement

Does Sticker Stag participate in convention events?
Yes, we proudly participate in various conventions. However, larger conventions may experience temporary order processing delays.These only happen twice a year normally. December and July.

How should I plan for convention orders?
For convention orders, we recommend placing them with at least a 2-week (14-day) lead time to ensure timely delivery. If you have concerns contact us if its shorter and we can try to work something out.

How does Sticker Stag ensure consistent service during conventions?
While larger conventions may experience temporary slowdowns, we ensure that smaller conventions maintain uninterrupted service. This is why we request a little more heads up for bigger convention orders!

Business Day Turnarounds

What is the typical turnaround time for orders?
Orders are usually processed and shipped within approximately 3-5 business days. Please note that our days off and holidays are not included in this period.

Sizing, Resolution, Cropping, Stretching, and More

What is Sticker Stag's focus regarding artwork printing?
We prioritize faithfully reproducing your existing artwork and designs in print form.

Does Sticker Stag offer extensive services for artwork alterations?
We do not offer extensive services like continuous cropping or photo alterations as they can lead to increased prices and longer processing times.

What is expected from customers in terms of artwork preparation?
We request that customers provide print-ready artwork appropriately sized and prepared for printing to streamline our processes.

Understanding Our Pricing Structure

How is Sticker Stag's pricing determined?
Pricing is calculated based on sticker specifications, including size, quantity, finish, shape, and cut style, among other factors.

What factors impact the cost of stickers at Sticker Stag?
Sticker size, quantity, finish, shape, and cut style all play a role in determining the final cost of your order.

Are the prices provided always accurate?
Prices provided are estimates and may vary based on specific order details. We aim to offer fair and transparent pricing tailored to your requirements.